Nathan tries the Goldilocks method

Sync up your hands with the Goldilocks Method

Sometimes you know without a doubt that your hands are out of sync on the violin. Other times, things seem just a bit… unclean.

You’ll notice it most in fast passages with all separate bows, and particularly when those passages are strongly on the string. That’s because when you play quietly, or off the string, you have a little more margin for error.

But if you’re playing a certain notorious passage from the Sibelius concerto, for example, you’ll want a quick fix to clean things up. So let me introduce you to the “Goldilocks Method”!

I’ve got a worksheet you can download, by the way, that summarizes the steps. Go ahead and grab it by filling out this form:

11 thoughts on “Sync up your hands with the Goldilocks Method”

  1. Elizabeth (Bettie) Ockerman

    Nathan, I am not a violinist but I so enjoy your videos! I’m so glad you allow us non-players to be a part of your website. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you sir.
    It is a great experience to me to know many ways to learn and very much useful for us. Thank you sir.

  3. Wow! A whole new level of control. I do experience this problem and have noticed an unevenness in my notes. I work on this unevenness, but with this method, I believe I will focus my practice more. Thank you. It will take quite an effort for me, but can only help. Thanks!

    1. The only one-on-one lessons I give are part of my Virtuoso Master Course, which is a 9-month program that’s currently running until June. It will open for enrollment again in the late summer!

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