Trill work is like planting a field

Master violin trills with all finger combinations

If you think that trills are just decoration or ornament, then I have exciting news for you! You’re about to build a much stronger left-hand foundation on the violin through daily trill work.

It only takes a few minutes a day to build this foundation, and in this video I lay out my daily routine. It’s kind of like preparing a field for planting, and your hand feels great afterward.

To help you out, I laid out this whole routine not only in the video, but in a one-page worksheet that you can download by filling in your info below:

So make sure to grab that. Then, once you’ve seen the video, you can just print out the worksheet and follow the steps. Let me know how this routine works for you! And stay tuned for two more videos I’m putting in this series. Each one takes the trill routine up another level!

12 thoughts on “Master violin trills with all finger combinations”

  1. Luis A. F. Martín

    I´m very pleased to watch this video . News and tecniques,
    thanks, thanks for the tips,. They are always well received.
    L. Martin.

  2. Thank you for this, and all your service to the string community! The trill routine in Simon Fischer’s “Warming Up” made a noticeable difference in my own trill, which was also apparently the victim of trill-attrition! I think this will take Fischer’s results a step further. A “trilling” accomplishment, if I may! 😉

  3. Hello Mr. Cole,
    Thanks for another great video! I love the thought you put into the backgrounds for your videos.

  4. Hello Mr Nathan Cole.
    Thanks for this video, since I started watching your videos, my violin level has increased very significantly! But I have 2 questions for you.
    This excercises are applicable for the other fingers? How I can work with the fourth finger?Because the fourth finger is difficult.
    I hope you can read my comment and answer my questions.
    Thanks Mr. Nathan 😃

    1. Sure thing, just look near the top of the post for the spaces to put in your name and email, and then you’ll be able to download the worksheet!

  5. Kristin Mortenson

    Is this handout no longer available? I’ve sent my name/email twice but it hasn’t arrived. My trills could really use some attention! 🙂

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