Tchaikovsky violin concerto

Gain speed and accuracy by grouping notes (video)

What do you do when fast isn’t fast enough?

Inspired by my friend Noa Kageyama at the Bulletproof Musician, I made a video about how to get those fingers moving at warp speed… but accurately!
It isn’t slow practice exactly… but it isn’t fast either. Just watch and see. This hybrid approach, through the grouping of notes, will get your fingers moving as a team.
In my video, I demonstrate two passages from the Tchaikovsky concerto:

10 thoughts on “Gain speed and accuracy by grouping notes (video)”

    1. Hi Lois, it’s true that a lot of my videos tend to focus on violin repertoire and technique. Of course I don’t have experience putting this grouping technique to use on the piano, but I bet there’s a similar technique that pianists use to help gain speed and fluency in fast passages! Is there a technique you know of to help with that on piano?
      In general though, stick around! I write a lot about auditions and most audition advice applies to performing in general. I bet you’ll find some posts you like. All the best!

  1. Fantastic video. Just saw it at Bulletproof Musician. I’m a pianist, but this applies just as well. It’s not taught enough in schools! I see so many musicians struggling with technique/speed when quite a bit, if not all, of their difficulties would be fixed by applying this type of practicing. Grouping notes has done wonders for me. Thanks again for a great video!

  2. I’ve always used dotted rhythms for fast passages and it has worked well, but this method seems better for high speed scales. I feel like this is closer to the actual way the passage is supposed to be played. I gotta try it. Thanks!!!

  3. Thank you so much Nathan your videos are always made in an easy, friendly approach that i can relate to and hopefully many others 🙂

  4. Wonderful video, I’m working on speed but/with accuracy now with my teacher. You’re video is a great visual resource to what she is saying (echoing your procedure). Thank you!

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