Violin Virtuoso Nathan Cole Presents

The 2021 Violympic Trials

a free 5-day challenge for violinists and violists
who want to get back on track to mastering their music goals
- faster than they ever dreamed possible!

May 24-28 2021

Learn How To Play Any New Piece With Ease, Joy and Confidence
...In Just 5 Days

(even if you haven't picked up your instrument in weeks!) ← hey, no judgement!


You'll become the musician you've always wanted to be!

"Nathan's dedication to teaching is so rare, so special, and so inspiring. In little to no time, many things on the violin became easier for me. Working with him, your standards of playing will be pushed higher and higher. You will become the musician you've always wanted to be!” 

Lisa Kim

Remember how you felt when you first started playing your instrument?

If you’re anything like me, those early days felt fearless, hopeful, and exciting – with wide-open vistas of possibility ahead! your text in this area

But as time goes on, things start to feel a bit different, right?

Sure, you’re still putting in some practice (when you can squeeze it in, around family stuff, work, trying to figure out why your Zoom settings keep randomly changing …)

And with enough effort, you sometimes make progress ... but it’s so rare, and so little, maybe you even feel like you’re going backwards most days ... 

and the frustration is crushing.

Those wide-open vistas are closing down … and frankly, it feels like time’s running out for you to ever get back in shape, and play as you dreamed when you began.

Trust me, you are NOT alone!

And that’s why I’m so excited to invite you to join me, and a whole host of other musicians from around the world who find themselves just where you are –

in my new FREE 5-day challenge, the 2021 Violympic Trials.

When you play along with me for just 30 minutes each day, I promise you’ll be AMAZED at how much this super-short, focused training experience is going to kickstart your skills and get you back on track to playing like a dream... 

so you can prove to yourself that you’re not only still ‘in the game’ – you could even be on course to master Paganini before you know it! (← I’m not kidding!)our text in this are

Over this 5-day Challenge, you'll discover...

#1 new techniques and exercises, to uplevel all aspects of your performance - brought to you LIVE by me, each and every day!

#2 the secret to creating an easy, efficient practice routine that focuses on the right things - so you can progress faster than you've ever dreamed possible!

#3 how to maintain your progress in performance mode - so you can perform a brand new piece, with ease and confidence, after just 5 days!

all as you learn the brand new The Fast Rows of Summer
composed (by me!) especially for the 2021 Violympic Trials
- AND earn points to win an incredible Grand Prize!

( more details when you sign up ⤴ )


Hey, I'm Nathan...

First Associate Concertmaster of the LA Phil, and for the past 15 years, I've been helping serious violinists just like you realize their full potential.  

My parents were professional musicians, but they never pushed me to spend all day practicing. I did that to myself once I got to conservatory and saw that I had some catching up to do!

But there was a problemeven though I was practicing for longer, I wasn’t learning the difficult rep any faster. I was inconsistent day to day, and worst of all, from the practice room to the stage – which felt heartbreaking, after all those hours of work!

Nathan Cole, violin

That’s when I realized, if I ever wanted to find out how far I could take my playing, I had to develop my own easy, efficient practice method, to give me steady gains that would stay with me under pressure. And it had to fit around my full-time orchestra job!  

Since then, I’ve been developing and sharing my Practice Makes Performance™  system with professional (and soon-to-be-pro) musicians.

And I’m so excited to start sharing this same practice system with you now, as part of our Free 5-day 2021 Violympics Trials Challenge – so you too can make the most of every moment with your instrument, see more rapid progress than you’d ever believe possible… and get back on track to mastering the music of your dreams!

See you at the Trials!

Get the secret to creating an easy, efficient practice routine that focuses on the RIGHT things – so you can progress faster than you’d ever dreamed possible!

Last year's Violympic Trials were one of the biggest violin and viola events of 2020!

Thousands of musicians from around the globe took part, and not only made extraordinary progress beyond their wildest imaginings (in just one week!)

-- they also became part of a uniquely inspiring, encouraging and super-fun community, inside our Violympic Village! Players like Lisa, Regina, and so many more...!

If you were there last year, I can’t wait to welcome you back, and see you take your playing to an even higher level – with a new piece, new techniques, and the same community support you know and love! 

And if you weren't there last year, I promise you do NOT want to miss this chance to be part of this AMAZING experience this time round!