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A lifetime of scale secrets revealed!

Imagine spending all your practice time making music...

Yeah, right! In the real world, you first have to learn the notes, fix intonation, and work things up to tempo. It's exhausting, and it never ends.

But what if you could take care of all those things in advance? And not just for one piece, but for every piece you'll ever play?

The secret is hiding in plain sight: scales! Ace them, and you'll start every new piece near the finish line.

The trick is knowing how to spend your valuable scale time. And whether you've tried every book, or never played a scale before, I've got you covered with my new book: Scales: The Road to Repertoire.

Scales: The Road to Repertoire

Scales: The Road to Repertoire

This is not just a book of scales. It's a recipe for a routine that meets you where you are... and grows along with your playing.

Scales laptop mockup

Start your day with confidence

Stop wondering whether you're playing enough scales, or "doing them right". Invite me into your studio to guide the most important minutes of your practice time.

After a round of scales with me, you'll be energized and finely tuned for whatever playing your day might bring.

Build an unshakeable foundation

Heifetz practiced scales six days a week... and on the seventh day, he rested! When your hands have "seen it all" in your scale work, you can step onto stage comfortably. Or take a day off to enjoy the finer non-violin things in life. Your foundation will be there waiting for you.

Forest calm violin

Develop physical ease

Playing the violin or viola shouldn't tire you out! Scale time is when you learn to relax, and to draw maximum sound out of your instrument with minimal effort. I can show you how to let the notes fall right under your fingers.

And let's not forget that warding off tension is the best way to avoid injury!

Hit the accelerator

Forget slowly "working passages up" with the metronome. If you want to play fast in pieces, it all starts with fast scales. And you can get there much faster than you think.

In fact, once I learned the secrets of note grouping, I couldn't believe the time I'd wasted practicing the old way!

Need for Speed violin

Most scale books need an instruction manual

Not mine! Get your instrument ringing today.

The 4-hour-a-day crash scale diet

I paid a high price for my first scale breakthrough

Nathan Cole, 2000

Where were you when you first opened the Flesch Scales?

I had just arrived at Curtis, and my new teacher told me to get through the entire book that week.

But I couldn’t even get past the first line! It went all the way up the G string, and it was as intimidating as any concerto I’d ever played.

Well, I forced myself to get through four hours of scales the first day… and the next day, and every day that week. I could tell I was close to getting injured.

And then it happened: my scale moment. Desperate to play some music again, I picked up a Kreisler piece I hadn’t played in ages.

I felt like I’d borrowed someone else’s hands! I’d gotten my first taste of the virtuoso life, and I never wanted to look back. But I couldn’t face another week like that one.

Are you still waiting for your "scale moment"?

Whatever scale system you're using, I'll bet you're carrying some baggage:

Your routine feels the same every day: it's a list of chores you have to get through before you can move on to "real" music

It's impossible to maintain relaxed awareness: either your mind wanders off because you're bored, or it obsesses over the same faults every day

You blame yourself for poor time management: you can't get through your routine in the time you have, or you're at a loss for how to fill your scale time in the first place

Scales just don't feel good: you're stiff or awkward rather than smooth and fluid

Most of all, your scales never seem to get any better: you've hit your limits as far as speed, quality, and pitch

Scale tips honed before a live audience

In my Virtuoso Master Course, I've led elite groups of violinists and violists through more than 100 "Weekly Workouts". I've distilled the most effective elements here, available to you at a fraction of the cost:

e-flat minor

All 24 keys written out

Every key has its own quirks; I include them all, for violin and viola, with my fingerings. Plus I let you know how to switch them around, as I do!

new techniques

New techniques

Who needs another scale book with the same old sequences? Spice up your routine with the tips and tricks I've taught for the last 20 years.

musical examples

Musical examples

Do you want to practice scales just to get better at scales? Or do you want to play music too? This book is the Road to Repertoire, after all!

sample routines

Sample routines

New to scales? Not shifting yet? An old hand at 3 octaves with double stops? I include sample routines for different levels.

Join thousands of violinists and violists worldwide

My tips, tricks, and techniques made the difference for these folks:

"I gained the confidence to make my own musical decisions. I also developed my teaching skills and grew as a musician."

Mayra Meza

"I had NEVER practiced for 60+ days in a row until now!"

Jeff Fritz

"My playing continues to improve months later and I have retained and integrated the teachings in my playing since."

Erik Adams

Hi, I'm Nathan Cole...

Nathan Cole, violin blue

…and I’ve been helping violinists and violists, online, for the last 10 years.


It all started because I couldn’t bear to say the same thing about the Schumann Scherzo in one more lesson! So I made a video and put it on YouTube. 2 million views later, my videos have helped players the world over to reach their next level and win auditions.


Last summer, I created and hosted the first ever Violympic Games, with more than 400 participants worldwide.


And when I’m not teaching, I sit First Associate Concertmaster in the Los Angeles Philharmonic… just a few feet away from my wife Akiko, who’s Assistant Concertmaster! Together we host the podcast Stand Partners for Life.

BONUS: Nathan's scale chart

It's critical to keep track of your progress, and this is the chart that's served me well throughout my career.

scale chart

Included free with Scales: The Road to Repertoire

Track time, exercises, and keys for all 7 days of the week (6 if you're Heifetz!)

Virtuoso Master Course

Practice Makes Performance

It's the system that I teach in my high-level Virtuoso Master Course, and I bring it to you here at a fraction of the cost. It's a combination of mindset, tools, and techniques that has allowed me to win auditions in orchestras such as the Chicago Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Start putting it into practice today!

Is Scales: The Road to Repertoire right for you?

If you're a violinist or violist, I can answer that question:

It is if you've ever seen someone who plays as though they were born with the instrument in their hand... and you wanted that same feeling. After just a few weeks of your new scale routine, you'll find that many days you wake up... warmed up! Your hands will begin "seeing into the future": they'll find their places as if by magic.

It is if you struggle with pitch... and who doesn't? But when you change the way you listen to scales, degree by degree, you'll bring fresh ears to your repertoire. Even pieces that have always seemed "stuck" out of tune will yield to your newfound confidence in pitch.

It is if you've always wanted to learn pieces more quickly. When you have gaps in your technical foundation, they'll quickly show up in pieces. And then you'll have to practice those passages time and again. But when you're a scale ace, it's as though you've learned that passagework in advance. You can get straight to the music!

It is, even if you've never played a scale before. Open up a normal scale book and you're confronted with page after page of dense black notes, whizzing up and down. If scales are supposed to build your technique, how do you build your technique to face those scales? My routines start by examining how we tune each of the eight tones in a scale: no shifting necessary!

30-day money-back guarantee

I know that you're going to love this new approach to scale practice, and that you'll reap the benefits for years to come. I'm so confident, in fact, that I'll be happy to refund your purchase if you contact me within 30 days... no questions asked!

Start your new scale life today!

With a money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. Inside you'll find the same high-level scale techniques I teach the elite members of my Virtuoso Master Course... and you'll be able to start putting them into practice, even if you've never played a scale before.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a physical book? Will I have to wait for shipping?


No, Scales: The Road to Repertoire is an e-book. Once you purchase, you'll receive an email inviting you to login to natesviolin.com to access your instant downloads. You'll have a standard PDF, plus e-book formats for your tablet (Kindle, iPad, etc.)


What happens if I lose the file? Or my password?


No worries! You have lifetime access to the book, and you can re-download it from natesviolin.com any time you're logged in. And there is a convenient link on the login page to reset your password, in case you misplace it.


Are you planning on making videos to demonstrate your scale methods?


Funny you should ask! I've already made a video course to go alongside this book, and once you add the book to your cart you'll see a special deal to add the video course as well.


I have another question about how you teach and practice scales...


Why not just grab the book and try it for yourself? With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Plus, you can join thousands of fellow violinists and violists in the Natesviolin Practice Room Facebook group, where the community can help answer any other questions that come up.

Nathan Cole: There is method to the mastery

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