Nathan Cole plays Mazas

Mazas “The Mordent”, Op. 36 No. 15

If you joined the Violympics this past summer, this Mazas is already an old friend! If not, you’ll love exploring what seems at first to be a run-of-the-mill etude.

It’s all about hand frame on the left (one of my favorite topics) and a mix of crisp articulation with smooth changes and crossings on the right.

And it’s in C Major: the “people’s key”!

This was the first of our six challenge pieces this summer. Violympians had to learn and record each challenge in just one week. I did the same, so I’ll be posting my performance of all six challenge pieces.

And if you missed the Violympics, but want to get a taste of what a one-week challenge feels like, try your hand at a fun piece I wrote for the occasion: the Violympic Theme! You can get started here.

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