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There is method to the mastery Is it too late for me to play better?

No! Experience has taught me (and current research continues to show) that you’ll continue to learn at any age as long as you take on appropriate challenges and work on them steadily using a variety of techniques. If you’ve gotten stuck using the same tired approach for too long, it’s easy to believe that you’re never going to improve.

What if I’m not talented enough?

Some folks believe in talent. Others don’t. I believe that each of us has certain skills we’re naturally good at and others that we’re not. So here are two pieces of good news: the violin is not one skill but a collection of many; and any skill you’re not naturally good at will improve with effort. The key is knowing which skills are lacking, and how to go about improving them.

Don’t you have to practice hours a day?

Sure, two hours of awesome practicing beats one hour. But you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in just a few minutes! By breaking up your practice time into functional units and honing your focus during these critical times, you can end each session knowing that you’ve taken real steps toward your goals. I can show you how.

Why don’t I perform like I practice?

Many violinists are unsure just how to practice for performance. That’s why I continually focus on performance in my teaching, even for amateurs. Just as we cook meals so that they’re eaten and enjoyed, we should practice so that our music can be heard and appreciated. With the right kind of practice, most people find that they no longer dread performing; they look forward to it!

Do you only help advanced or professional violinists?

No! Working with beginners reminds me of why I play in the first place: for the love of making music on the violin. It’s true that some of my articles and videos will be more valuable to you once you’re playing advanced repertoire, but I always enjoyed listening to the hard pieces even when I was working on easier ones!

What kind of strings do you use?

Ah, strings! I’ve never been super picky about strings, but in the last two years I have found a favorite. Pirastro Passione are technically gut strings but they have a more modern feel and much improved stability. Combined with the geared Wittner pegs that I use, I get the wonderful sound and feel of gut without the hassle.
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