Nathan plays Mazas

Etude videos for Mazas and DeBeriot

Sometimes I think that the LA Phil should ditch our audition list and just use the one from Texas All-State Orchestra!

Year after year, the required pieces and etudes to get into Texas All-State would tax working pros as well as the high-school students they’re meant for.

So a few years ago, a teacher down in the Lone Star State asked if I would make videos on that year’s two required etudes: Mazas No. 23 from Opus 36, and DeBeriot No. 20 from Opus 123. I obliged, and here they are!

If you want to be able to follow along with my bowings and fingerings, be sure to download my marked parts by filling in your info below:

And now, the two videos:

Mazas #23
DeBeriot #20

4 thoughts on “Etude videos for Mazas and DeBeriot”

  1. Well done, nice playing and explaining, nice video to watch during practice break on a dreary stormy sunday afternoon. thanks.

  2. Thank you very much for the music and fingering.
    I appreciate your work.
    Very nice sound.
    So clear explaining!!!!
    The same way as you play.
    I’m wating for the next video.
    Congratulations from Madrid!!!!

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