• A massive HD curriculum

    The people at ArtistWorks didn't bring me in to record just a few videos... they brought me to their Napa, California studio to spend ten days laying down my core curriculum. With multiple cameras and professional lighting and sound, the videos we created look and sound better than any you'll find online. I cover violin technique and repertoire from the very beginning up through advanced solo repertoire and concertos. I go through my favorite etudes. And I cover all the important orchestral excerpts and concertmaster solos. It's by far the biggest collection of violin audition preparation material you'll find online.

  • Personalized Video Exchanges

    But if my school were just a collection of videos, it wouldn't be much of a school. The ArtistWorks platform allows you to submit videos of yourself playing any repertoire you're working on. I watch your video, and I make my own personalized response video. I let you know how you're doing, and what changes I would make. I demonstrate the practice techniques that will get you where you need to go. Our two videos are paired together in what's known as a Video Exchange. This way all the subscribers at my school (but not the general public) can see the work we've done. All subscribers learn from each other!

The highest quality audio and video

  • This is revolutionary! It doesn't get much better than this for violinists at all levels. You won't find such affordable, yet personalized violin online lessons elsewhere, not from a violinist of Nathan's caliber.
    Jason Fong
  • Nathan Cole's violin school at ArtistWorks has helped me transition from a student to a full time working musician. Without a doubt my studies here at ArtistWorks have given me the necessary skills needed to win an orchestra audition.
    Benjamin Thacher
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Is your school at ArtistWorks for advanced players only?

Absolutely not! My first two songs are Baa Baa Black Sheep and O Come All Ye Faithful. Of course, you can always begin with my lessons on holding the bow or sound production. Work through my Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced curriculum at your own pace, with my guidance. Certainly, advanced and professional players will find plenty to test their skills as well, with a collection of etudes and solo pieces personally chosen by me. But my focus is on getting you results, one video at a time.

How can I submit a video? Do I need special equipment?

No! Most people use their laptop or smartphone. Of course, using a dedicated video camera or microphone means that your sound and picture quality will be better. The better I can see and hear you, the more easily I can help! But since our Video Exchanges are not live but recorded onĀ our own schedule, even smartphone videos look and sound very good.

  • Nathan is excellent at teaching orchestral excerpts. He has thought through them very thoroughly and analyzed the technical aspects. He is able to explain to students how to execute the skills necessary for an accurate performance.
    Katrin St. Clair

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